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WOW Church Summer Presentation to the Diocese, by Mrs Brandwood

Date: 12th Jul 2024 @ 4:00pm

Our 2 WOW Church members visited St Chad's Church in Middleton to delivered a presentation, alongside our group members from St John's Thornham and Milnrow Parish Primary School, to over 40 diocese representatives.  The children explained and showed the diocese the various projects we have worked on this year, set up an environmental challenge for the parishioners to complete and then sung our song, 'Rich Diversity'.  Each child represented their school brilliantly and the Dean of Rochdale was so impressed with the way the children conducted themselves during the presentation.  The diocese is taking on board the children’s suggestions of a Plastic Policy in every church and we look forward to next year's group where we hope to again make a difference to the environment of our churches in Rochdale.  

Springfield Park Trip - Bees, by Miss Wilkinson

Date: 6th Jun 2024 @ 4:39pm

Year 2 had a fantastic trip to Springfield Park where they learnt all about bees and nature. We began our day with an interactive plant session with the resident nature expert. We learnt about how different plants have different jobs in nature with some of our amazing flower borders created by the parks volunteers. After that, we had a short orienteering lesson to get our minds thinking about bees. In the afternoon, we explored the hedgehog houses, pond, bug hotels and even planted our own plants. To finish our day, we all became bee keepers. We were shown how to put on the bee keeping suit and how to stay safe around bees. We then had a look into their hives and found the queen bee! Can you remember what she looked like? 

Class Assembly - Pentecost, by Miss Wilkinson

Date: 10th May 2024 @ 2:20pm

Year 2 did an amazing assembly all about Pentecost! Take a look at some of our photos!

WOW Church Meeting 17.4.24, by Mrs Brandwood

Date: 18th Apr 2024 @ 9:18am

Our two WOW (Watch Our World) church representives visited St John's Thornham Church of England Primary School this afternoon for our next WOW meeting.  This meeting focused on the local environment and we had a fantastic opportunity to have a visit from a Hedgehog Hospital.  Here, the children learnt about the impact humas are having on hedgehogs and how we can better look after our environment for our local wildlife.  The children found out a range of facts about hedgehogs and created a 'hedgehog house' (a hibernacula) to support hedgehogs in the area.   

Knowsley Safari Park - Wednesday 27th March 2024, by Miss Wilkinson

Date: 15th Apr 2024 @ 5:02pm

We had amazing trip to Knowsley Safari Park! We started off the morning by taking a guided tour of the safari. What animals did you see? Later on, after our delicious food, we watched two very talented sealions perfrom some tricks. How clever were they! After the sealion show, we went on the hunt for a tiger but unfortunatley he was hidden away. To end our trip, we all went into the safari classroom to solve a mystery. We used our knowledge of animal groups to work out the sneaky animal that had stolen the safari bus! Can you remember which animal it was?   

Author visit, by Mrs Bradley

Date: 28th Mar 2024 @ 12:21pm

Following on from our wonderful world book day celebrations, we had a real author visit our school. Sean performed an assembly to all the children in which he read one of his own books and then he carried out a workshop with each class to help them become authors themselves. We are so impressed with the writing and illustrations produced by the children. 

100% Attendance Certificates, by Miss Hulse

Date: 27th Mar 2024 @ 9:38am

Well done to all the children to achieved 100% attendance today, for the Spring Term. 

World Book Day, by Mr Wood

Date: 7th Mar 2024 @ 2:18pm

We all had great fun dressing up as book characters on Thursday 7th March. The day got off to a great start with an assembly where everybody showed their costumes off! We were delighted to find that, thanks to the children’s kind donations, we raised over £247 for Book Aid International. This money will help to pay for books in less economically developed countries. Click the link below to have a look at the pictures of all the children in their fantastic costumes - as well as the staff!

St Peter's Pebbles Playground Assembly, by Mrs Brandwood

Date: 1st Mar 2024 @ 2:56pm

St Peter's Playground Pebbles lead a fantastic whole school assembly on Tuesday.

The Pebbles explained how they could support children at playtime and lunchtime who are feeling lonely or who are finding it difficult to join in a game. They explained how they will model and use our Christian Values to help everyone have fun when playing outside on our playground. 

In front of the whole school, the Pebbles made their special promise:

A friend to all who need it - for we believe that,

"...if one falls down, his friend can help him up..." 

Ecclesiastes 4:9-10.

The group then went onto explain the exciting new games they will be leading each lunchtime and introduce some of our new playground equipment.


Well done to our Pebbles!  You showed great leadership, teamwork, bravery and friendship as you delivered your assembly.  Everyone at St Peter's is very excitied to get outside and play at break and lunchtime!

St Peter's WOW Church Welcomes 'Praise Along' to record a fantastic collective worship song!, by Mrs Brandwood

Date: 1st Mar 2024 @ 2:42pm

On Tuesday, St Peter's enjoyed hosting our Spring Term WOW Church Synod Group meeting.  This meeting was special as we were delighted to welcome Kelly and her team from ‘Praise Along’ to produce an environmentally based collective worship song.  10 children from St Peter’s were joined by children from St John’s Thornham and Milnrow Parish to sing a beautiful song called, ‘Rich Diversity’.  This was a wonderful opportunity for our children and they had a fantastic time singing, performing and recording the song.  It was amazing to hear the collective voices of our group sing out about such an important topic with great enthusiasm! 

Thanks again to Kelly and her Team from ‘Praise Along’ for this opportunity and for members of our diocese for attending and showing their support.  We are looking forward to hearing our song when it is published later this year – watch this space!  


Our WOW Church members would also like to share the prayer we said at the beginning of our meeting to show our gratitude for our wonderful world:


Dear God,

We praise you for the beauty of creation, its richness and variety.

The earth is yours, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it.

Grant us your grace that we may exercise wise stewardship of this Earth; tread lightly upon it and cherish its resources so that in years to come everyone may enjoy its riches.

Please be with us today as we create this song to help spread the word of how wonderful and diverse your creation is.

Help us to restore and care for this beautiful earth you blessed us with.


WOW Church Synod, by Mrs Brandwood

Date: 9th Jan 2024 @ 3:44pm

Today, Elisia and Hassan represented our school at our half-termly WOW Church meeting held at Milnrow Parish CE School.  Here, we discussed the results from our plastic survey sent out to the churches and parishes in Rochdale and came up with an action plan of how we plan to support our churches to become more environmentally friendly places.  We also discussed an exciting opportunity to create our own environmentally friendly collective worship song which we are all looking forward to recording at our next meeting!

Recorder Concert, by Miss Wilkinson

Date: 5th Dec 2023 @ 4:16pm

Year 2 performed to the rest of the school their learning of the recorder. Well done Year 2! 

Eureka, by Miss Wilkinson

Date: 30th Nov 2023 @ 8:37am

The children in 2W had an amazing trip to Eureka this week! We enjoyed learning about the human body and all the 'gross' things that come out of our bodies. The children had fun exploring the many areas within the museum by learning through play. Take a look at some of the pictures from this fantastic day.

The Poppy Appeal, by Miss Mulkeen

Date: 16th Nov 2023 @ 1:12pm

Carol Concert, by Miss Hulse

Date: 12th Dec 2022 @ 3:40pm

We had a beautiful carol concert this morning, with all the children singing a mixture of traditional carols. This reminded us of the true meaning of Christmas. 

Manchester United Player Led Competition, by Miss Kyte

Date: 5th Dec 2022 @ 1:59pm

Last week, seven Year Five and Six pupils were chosen to represent St Peters at a football tournament held by Manchester United Academy. The tournament was player led meaning that the team had to manage themselves in terms of formation, substitutions and game strategy. The tournament also had a World Cup theme and the country we were chosen to represent was Brazil. The boys played a range of teams and all of our players were fantastic. Their determination, competitiveness and sportsmanship throughout the competitition was impeccable. Well done boys! 

Cross Country Competition, by Miss Kyte

Date: 1st Nov 2022 @ 5:50pm

Before half term six children from Years Five and Six represented St Peters Church of England Primary School in a cross country event at Fallinge Park High school. The event consisted of lots of primary schools from the Rochdale borough and was a mix of both boys and girls races. The children each ran 2 kilometers on a track that had been set up on Fallinge Park school field. Despite the cold and windy conditions, each pupil performed excellently and they all confidently completed the cross country run within the alloted time. Well done! 

Macmillan Coffee Morning 30th September, by Mr Wood

Date: 6th Oct 2022 @ 2:22pm

We had a fantastic time raising money for Macmillan - have a look at some of the photos below to see our families getting involved!

KS1 Sports Day, by Miss Kyte

Date: 27th Jun 2022 @ 3:03pm

Take a look at some of our photographs and videos from our fantastic KS1 Sports Day! 

CommuniTree, by Miss Wilkinson

Date: 9th Jun 2022 @ 3:58pm

Year 2 had an amazing trip to CommuniTree! They gathered around a camp fire and sang many songs. As well as this, they learnt about the life cycle of bees and how they help us. This was incorporated into the games they played. Can you remember the name of the boy and girl bees? The children had a lot of fun creating bee badges, leaf rubbings and making their own bee hives out of sticks. Look at our pictures to see all the fun we had. 

EYFS and KS1 'Washing the Feet' Collective Worship Service, by Mrs Andrews

Date: 8th Apr 2022 @ 3:22pm

Today we learnt about Maundy Thursday and why Jesus washed the feet of his disciples.  Mr Whelan and Mr Wood washed 12 children’s feet to show us how we can show kindness to other people, just like Jesus did.

Stations of the Cross Service - April 2022, by Mrs Cavill

Date: 8th Apr 2022 @ 2:54pm

This morning Reverend Anne and Father Darren came to school to watch and take part in our Stations of the cross service. Children from each year group read a reading and a prayer for eac station. Reverend Anne and Father Darren lit a Paschal candle to remind us that Jesus was resurrected on Easter Sunday. He gave His life to save us all. We wish you all a Happy Easter.

2W's Class Assembly - Lent Thursday 10th March 2022, by Miss Wilkinson

Date: 14th Mar 2022 @ 9:10am

2W performed an amazing assembly all about Lent! They explained what Lent is through the story of Jesus in the Desert and even told us what they woukd give up for Lent. What would you find tough to give up for Lent? 

Knowsley Safari Park - Friday 4th March 2022, by Miss Wilkinson

Date: 4th Mar 2022 @ 3:36pm

Year 2 had an amazing trip to Knowsley Safari Park! To start the day, we had a guided tour of the safari park and met many animals. Which animals did you see? After that, we watched the sealion dislay and saw their amazing tricks. Then we went to the safari classroom and became detectives and solved which animal stole the baboon was the lion. To end the day, we walked around the safari park to see if we could spot any more animals. What an amazing day! 

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