In Jesus We Learn, Love and Grow together
Be the Good Soil Mark 4:1-20

Meet the Staff



Mr A Whelan

Deputy Headteacher

Mr D Wood

Assistant Headteacher (KS2)

Miss K Hulse

Assistant Headteacher (EYFS/KS1)

Mrs K Bradley


Mrs K Brandwood


Year 6

Miss L Nuttall

Miss L Mulkeen

Year 5

Miss R Healey

Miss M Fitzgerald

Year 4

Mrs Z Cavill


Miss K Hulse

Year 3

Mr T Jolly


Mrs T Gill

Year 2

Mrs K Bradley


Miss K Wilkinson

Year 1

Mrs J Anderson


Miss M Kyte


Mrs R Perry


Miss R Kelly


Mrs N Andrews


Miss L Marsden

Mrs S Sturrock

Mrs L Jackson

Mrs S Kaddus

Miss M Ahktar

Miss C Clark

Mrs S White

Mrs P Asghar

Miss J Boland

Mrs S Malhotra

Mrs S Ali

Mrs N Crossley

Mrs L Stringfellow

Mrs V Taylor

Mrs J Hughes

Miss J Helm

Miss J Helm

Mrs C Palmer

Mrs S Harrop

Mrs A Keiley

Miss R Reilly

Mrs J Mackin

Miss C Fielding

Mrs N Mahmood

Mr B Kime



School Business Manager

Miss S Lloyd

School Administrator

Miss V Hasker

School Administrator

Mrs K Price

Pastoral Officer

Mrs F Dawson


Mr J Gentle

Catering Manager

Mrs J Dobson


Who we are

We look to provide a safe, secure, stimulating Christian environment in which all our children feel happy and valued as individuals, and where they can learn and play to the best of their abilities, and therefore reach their full potential.

Where we are

St Peter's Church of England Primary School
Muriel Street,
OL16 5JQ

Let's Connect

Mr A Whelan | Headteacher 01706 648195
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