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Worship Leaders


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Our  Worship Leaders take pride in their responsibilties.

At St. Peter's we have a fantastic team of worship leaders that help with planning and taking collective worship; as well as being responsible for delivering their own termly collective worship to the whole school. Our worship leaders apply and are appointed to carry out important tasks and roles within the spiritual life of the school. They bring us together in prayer; they help to plan collective worship assemblies; and suport adults and other children in their class collective worship.



Prayer Walks 

The Worship Leaders were very proactive in setting up a 'Prayer Walk' along the Woodland Walk that goes around the perimeter of the school field and in the EYFS for Reception and Nursery children.

They very carefully attached the prayers to trees so that all children across the school have an opportunity to feel closer to God and develop their own spirituality.


Attaching prayers to the trees very carefully.


Working together for the benefit of the whole school.


Our wonderful worship leaders.



Our excellent prayer walk in the EYFS outdoor provision! 


Tsunami Appeal Collective Worship

The Worship Leaders felt the injustice behind the terrible tragedy when the tsunami hit Indonesia, and felt they wanted to raise awareness and raise money in order to help the thousands of sufferers. They planned their own collective worship to lead and inform the rest of the school. After this, they wrote their own letter to be sent out to the school community. (See in files below).





Harvest Festival

The Worship Leaders were fantastic in helping the 'Rochdale Foodbank Appeal' during Harvest. They went around all the classes and collected the generous donations and set the hall up ready for the Harvest Assembly.


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