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RE Curriculum

Religious Education Curriculum

'Questful RE' & 'Understanding Christianity'

Here at St Peter's, we follow the 'Questful RE' syllabus and use 'Understanding Christianity' as a supplement to aid the teaching and learning in order for the children to really have a solid grasp on the Christian Faith. Within that, there are plenty of opportunites in learning about other faiths and their similarities; these link with visits to other places of worship and experiences linked to different faiths.

Through 'Understanding Christianty', the teachers and children refer to 'The Big Frieze' - a wall frieze to illustrate seven of the eight core concepts that are explored throughout the Understanding Christianity materials. Effectively, this presents a view of the ‘big story’ of the Bible – an artist’s response to the approach used in the Understanding Christianity materials.

The Big Frieze

The Big Frieze is designed to give teachers the opportunity to make pupils aware of the wider context of each concept, unit and text studied in the Understanding Christianity materials. Reminding pupils regularly of where a particular text occurs within the ‘big story’, by pointing it out on the Frieze, helps to build up a coherent understanding of the core concepts and the relationship between them.

The artwork illustrates these concepts, from Creation to Kingdom of God, presenting a Christian view of the Bible as more than a collection of different texts – one which has an overarching coherence and story.

We were very lucky to have artist, Gillian Parish, come into school to paint our very own St Peter's Big Frieze.

Click here to see what the children created.

 Please find the overviews of what is taught in each of the key stages across the school:

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