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Welcome to our Year 6 Debate Club page!

We have learnt all about what a debate is and how debates have a huge part of government decisions in Parliament.


In light of current events at 'COP26' Climate Change Conference, we are currently debating:

'Cutting down on the use of transport is better for climate change than preventing the destruction of animal habitats through deforestation and the pollution of Oceans'. 

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From this we are talking about the topics discussed at the Climate Change Conference and which areas we feel are going to have a more positive impact on the planet. 

Which of of debate points do you think is most important to think about?

  • Oceans capture and hold onto Carbon Dioxide from the air, however a lot of waste pollution and items that aren't recycled end up in the ocean and threaten it's survival. 
  • Destroying forests can threaten an entire species of animals - we can use other materials to build homes from, or plant more trees to prevent this. Trees also play a big part in taking carbon dioxide from the air. 
  • A lot of food is transported to other countries - if we focus on supplying local food to local places, we can cut down on the amount of travelling needed to supply food to our increasing population. 
  • Fossil fuels from cars release more bad greenhouse gases into the air, if public transport was cheaper and more efficient, we could cut down on the amount of individual car journeys people take. 


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Here are our top tips when debating:

  • Be clear and confident when making a point
  • Do not get angry or disrespectful when debating, you can express a different point of view but in a calm and respecful way
  • Give eye contact and positive body language when speaking
  • Try to link your point with someone elses, especially if you have a counterargument (or rebuttal)
  • Make sure when you speak, you speak loudly and take your time, avoid using pauses or slang. 



 We are also performing our climate change debate to Key Stage 2 in Assembly!

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