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Be the Good Soil Mark 4:1-20

Global Links

At St Peter's Church of England Primary School we have 'Global Links'. This means that collective worship, lessons and topics are planned, which allow our children to develop an awareness of themselves as 'Global Citizens'. We are able to make links with other schools across the world and learn from one another. It also gives us a chance to look at global issues and the injustice behind some of these issues.

In addition, we achieved the Bronze Global Neighbours Award, which recognises the work we are doing in broadening children’s awareness of issues across the globe.

We were extremely lucky to have had a visit from the founders of Tiyamike Mulungu Center who came all the way over from Bangula, Malawi to update everybody at St Peter’s, on their wonderful successes.

The children – and staff - were fascinated with hearing all about the hard work and dedication it has taken them in continuing journey in making the lives of the children they care for, a much happier one than their start in life.

It was amazing to hear all about their mission over the last year and a half and how they have been renovating and improving the children’s quarters, making living spaces more conducive to smaller family grouping care. They showed St Peter’s how the children are safe, loved, cared for and educated. They made it very clear that their goal is to have the children equipped for life which hopefully includes them meeting, knowing and being known by Jesus (Matthew 7:23).  Everybody thought how wonderful it must be to experience the blessings of seeing the children grow up and become the confident individuals seen in the videos shown to the school.

Because the children at St Peter’s Church of England Primary School were so enthused, they asked if they could write to the children of Tiyamike Mulungu Center; talking a little bit about themselves, life at St Peter’s Church of England Primary School, asking a few questions and generally getting to know the children at Tiyamike Mulungu.

Please click below to find out more information on the wonderful work they do at the Tiyamike Mulungu Center.

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We look to provide a safe, secure, stimulating Christian environment in which all our children feel happy and valued as individuals, and where they can learn and play to the best of their abilities, and therefore reach their full potential.

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