In Jesus We Learn, Love and Grow together
Be the Good Soil Mark 4:1-20

Collective Worship

Weekly services for each class are held on a Thursday afternoon at 2:30pm.
These services will quite often have a link to global issues and the injustice in the world.

What is Collective Worship?

 Collective Worship is an educational activity or experience

  •  To which all can contribute
  • From which all can gain 

It is central to education in our school and forms an essential part of the school’s overall provision for prayer and worship. 

Collective Worship in our school respects the diversity of belief and commitment, but it is Christian in character, reflecting in the liturgical tradition of the Church and having Christ at its heart. 


 The aim of collective worship at St Peter’s Church of England Primary School is best characterised by the above statements. We seek to provide opportunities, formally and informally, for pupils, staff and sometimes parents, to worship together. Pupils are encouraged to participate and respond, either actively in the presentation of worship or by listening and joining in the celebration.


 All pupils will celebrate an act of collective worship each day; generally, there will be two occasions each week when larger groups, usually whole school, will gather together to worship.

 Collective worship will normally take place in various areas throughout the school, but occasionally, for specific reasons, children may gather in church to celebrate.

There are timetabled opportunities for classes to celebrate a class assembly on a chosen theme which is presented to children, staff and parents throughout the year.

Our Year 5 and Year 6 Worship Leaders

 Why Collective Worship?

 Collective Worship in our school provides opportunities for learners and staff to come together to worship God.

  • To reflect on spiritual and moral beliefs
  • To reflect on personal beliefs
  • To respond to and celebrate life
  • To enable and encourage a sense of belonging
  • To reinforce positive attitudes
  • To mark us as special
  • To come to terms with
  • To give worth to
  • To wonder at
  • To build a firm foundation for liturgy
  • To contemplate something of the Mystery of God
  • To take time out
  • To develop a community spirit
  • To enrich the religious experience of children and staff
  • To encourage a common ethos and shared values



 In developing worship which leads pupils to consider spiritual and moral issues and to explore their own beliefs we seek to:

  •  enrich the religious experience of pupils and staff; 
  • include opportunities for individual reflection and silent prayer; 
  • provide opportunities for reflection on spiritual and moral issues; 
  • stimulate reflection on personal beliefs; 
  • contribute to the liturgical formation of pupils.

In developing worship, which encourages participation and response, we seek to:

  •  provide worship which is appropriate in its content, form, organisation, presentation and leadership; 
  • take account of the age, ability and background of the pupils; 
  • encourage participation by, and response from, staff and pupils; 
  • develop a sense of community; 
  • promote a common ethos and shared values; 
  • reinforce positive attitudes; 
  • develop appropriate resources 

The children also help to plan, prepare and deliver Collective Worships. Photographs from our Collective Worships can be seen below and on the 'Gallery' section under the main headings on the website.

Who we are

We look to provide a safe, secure, stimulating Christian environment in which all our children feel happy and valued as individuals, and where they can learn and play to the best of their abilities, and therefore reach their full potential.

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