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School Council

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St. Peter's School Council is GOLD!

In previous years, the School Council has worked really hard to earn Effective School Council Gold status and the new School Council is looking forward to taking us even further along our journey!

Each New School Council

To begin the school year, the children learn about democracy in Britain and how we can use this in School. Please see our gallery, on the webiste, for pictures of this. 

We have had an exciting start to the year with our very own secret ballot. Each class nominated five candidates to run for School Council. Those candidates have done a fantastic job creating posters and giving a speech in class, making their values clear to their peers.

All the children had the opportunity to vote for their class representative. Years One to Six went into the hall and voted. The children had to carefully choose their candidate based on the candidate’s values.

Well done to all the children that ran for School Council. You did a fantastic job, and made your class and St Peter’s very proud.

Congratulations to all the children that are now the newest members of our School Council.

How to keep involved

Make sure to tell your Class Representative about any concerns or suggestions, so that they can bring these ideas to School Council Meetings which are held every Wednesday at 12.30pm.  Any information discussed at the meeting will be be on our display in the Hall. We will then discuss any of these ideas and pass them onto Mr Whelan!

Our Plans for This Year

The new School Council wants to make sure your voice is heard, but we also have responsibilities to the community around St. Peter's. Last year, the School Council discussed a new project which they would like to work on over the school year, and we will now be taking over this project. We will keep you updated on the development of this project and how you can help.

Who we are

We look to provide a safe, secure, stimulating Christian environment in which all our children feel happy and valued as individuals, and where they can learn and play to the best of their abilities, and therefore reach their full potential.

Where we are

St Peter's Church of England Primary School
Muriel Street,
OL16 5JQ

Let's Connect

Mr A Whelan | Headteacher 01706 648195
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