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Year 5H 2023 - 2024

Miss Healey

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Happy New Year! Hope you all had a lovely break and are ready to start 2024!

We have some fantastic topics to learn about across lots of different subjects this term.

In English, we will begin the term by looking at spooky stories and writing for this genre. We will then look at forming an argument for or against different topics. And finally we will become detectives to solve the mystery of some very unusual events, writing our reports on our findings!

In Maths, alongside the revisiting of place value and the four operations, we will be looking at shape for the first time in Year 5. We will deepen our understanding of 3D shapes and investigate the properties of polygons.

Our science unit will cover Earth and Space! We cannot wait to explore our universe and for our trip to Jodrell Bank. 

This Solar System Video Will Space Out What We've Learned So Far


For R.E. we will be focusing on Women in the Old Testament and how different women had very important roles to play and how we can relate and use their examples and values into our own lives.

SHEroes of the Bible | Indiegogo


Our Geography our topic is ‘Where should we go on holiday?’ Looking into the Alpine region of Europe including tectonic plates and the formation of mountains!

In Art the children will be looking at containers as historical and practical items and how they have been used as an expression of art, eventually learning techniques and using examples for inspiration to create their own special container.

May I remind you that reading books need to be in school every day, we would also like to encourage you to read with your child as much as possible! Although Year 5 are scheduled to have indoor P.E. on a Monday, Tuesday and outdoor P.E. on a Friday, kit should be in school at all times in case on any last-minute changes. Please ensure your child has a FULL PE kit including pumps or black trainers, a letter containing this can be given upon request. Thank you for your continued support 

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