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Be the Good Soil Mark 4:1-20

Outdoor Learning Opportunities

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At St Peter's we are very fortunate to have such wonderful grounds, we have lots of different areas which we use to support learning and provide the children with lots of exciting opportunities. 


The Woodland Walk

The children at St Peters are able to enjoy the Woodland Walk on a daily basis. During break and lunch times the children can  walk around the Woodland Walk, noticing a range of plants and animals and observing the changes throughout the seasons. 

Our Woodland Walk area also supports learning across the curriculum, from exploring 'Where Nature Lives' during art lessons in Year Two, to 'Living Things and their Habitats' during sciene in Year Four, the Woodland Walk offers a 'hands on' learning experience for the children. 




The Pond 

The children enjoy observing the pond and the different creatures living there. With access to a fully resourced shed, the children engage in activities such as pond dipping.

In Year Three the children enjoyed exploring the life cycle of a frog as part of their science topic, they were able to observe the changes from frog spawn to frogs. 






Reflection Area

Our reflection area offers a quiet space for children to take time out to appreciate their surroundings. The area is also used during taught RE lessons, encouraging children to engage in a reflection time, sharing their thoughts and ideas. 

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Allotment Area

Each year the children enjoy planting vegetables in our allotment area, they are encouraged to take responsibilty for their crops, watering, weeding and harvesting them, whilst gaining a deeper understanding of where our food comes from. 

This area also has obvious links to the curriculum, specifically the 'Where does our food come from?' studied in Geography in Year Two. 





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We look to provide a safe, secure, stimulating Christian environment in which all our children feel happy and valued as individuals, and where they can learn and play to the best of their abilities, and therefore reach their full potential.

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