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Year 5H: Gallery

The Poppy Appeal, by Miss Mulkeen

Date: 16th Nov 2023 @ 1:12pm

Chester Zoo 07.11.2023, by Miss Healey

Date: 8th Nov 2023 @ 12:42pm

We had so much fun at the zoo! We learnt all about the animals we have been studying in our Geography topic of rainforests as well as the animals in our Science topic of life cycles! We learnt all about the threats and danger to the rainforests and the animals' habitats, as well as the stages of metamorphosis in the butterfly house. Take a look at all the exciting animals we saw:

Class Assembly 5H 21.09.23, by Miss Healey

Date: 25th Sep 2023 @ 9:26am

Chester Zoo! Year 5 05.07.23, by Miss Healey

Date: 10th Jul 2023 @ 9:46am

We had the best day ever at Chester Zoo! We saw so many interesting and exciting animals. We heard a few of the zoo keepers' talks and learnt lots of new information. Ask us about our trip and favourite animals and enjoy the photos :) 

Rochdale Pioneers Museum 22.06.23, by Miss Healey

Date: 22nd Jun 2023 @ 12:26pm

Today we walked in the BEAUTIFUL sunshine to Toad Lane to find out all about how the co-operative movement began in our town of Rochdale. We dressed up, played games, found out loads of information and even learnt about how they used to put awful things in shop food to bulk it out so they didn't have to give people as much! Horrible! We were very glad to learn Rochdale was the unique town to decide enough was enough and created substatially better living conditions based on equality, education and mutual respect! There are co-operatives all over the world now and it started with our little town.

Quarry Bank Mill Trip 25.04.23, by Miss Healey

Date: 26th Apr 2023 @ 9:21am

We had so much fun learning all about the mill and the children of the Victorian times. We role played what it would be like to live in the Apprentice House with 90 children and 2 adults to look after them! We decided we definitely prefer to live in 2023 and go to school than work for 6 days a week, 12 hours a day for no wage! We learnt so many jobs and tasks of the children and had the best time. Ask us all about our learning and enjoy the pictures!

KS2 Christmas Production, by Miss Hulse

Date: 12th Dec 2022 @ 3:43pm

KS2 performed a fantastic production of Silent Night. 


Silent Night is a delightful children's nativity set in 19th century Austria, where the villagers of Oberndorf are busy preparing for their Christmas Eve pageant. Amidst the hustle and bustle, they realise that naughty mice have destroyed the church organ. How will they organise music for their special celebrations at such short notice?

Discover through this beautifully adapted story how a poem written by a parish priest resulted in the well-loved carol Silent Night.

Carol Concert, by Miss Hulse

Date: 12th Dec 2022 @ 3:40pm

We had a beautiful carol concert this morning, with all the children singing a mixture of traditional carols. This reminded us of the true meaning of Christmas. 

Manchester United Player Led Competition, by Miss Kyte

Date: 5th Dec 2022 @ 1:59pm

Last week, seven Year Five and Six pupils were chosen to represent St Peters at a football tournament held by Manchester United Academy. The tournament was player led meaning that the team had to manage themselves in terms of formation, substitutions and game strategy. The tournament also had a World Cup theme and the country we were chosen to represent was Brazil. The boys played a range of teams and all of our players were fantastic. Their determination, competitiveness and sportsmanship throughout the competitition was impeccable. Well done boys! 

Jodrell Bank Trip - Year 5 16.11.22, by Miss Healey

Date: 18th Nov 2022 @ 2:11pm

We had the most amazing time at Jodrell Bank! We saw some fascinating things and explored space in a brilliant virtual reality experience. We learnt lots of interesting facts, made a rocket, fire-tornado and a marshmallow man explode! Have a look :)

Cross Country Competition, by Miss Kyte

Date: 1st Nov 2022 @ 5:50pm

Before half term six children from Years Five and Six represented St Peters Church of England Primary School in a cross country event at Fallinge Park High school. The event consisted of lots of primary schools from the Rochdale borough and was a mix of both boys and girls races. The children each ran 2 kilometers on a track that had been set up on Fallinge Park school field. Despite the cold and windy conditions, each pupil performed excellently and they all confidently completed the cross country run within the alloted time. Well done! 

Black History Month - Year 5, by Miss Healey

Date: 21st Oct 2022 @ 3:39pm

We looked at Black musicians this year as part of our Black History Month studies. Year 5 was given the theme of rappers, we chose Run DMC's - "It's like that" as our focus song. We learnt the words and the social relevancies of the lyrics, then created a dance-off style music video, putting our own spin on the official music video. We hope you love it as much as we do! :) 

Final St Peter's Church Visit, by Miss Healey

Date: 17th Oct 2022 @ 1:41pm

On Wednesday 12th October, Year 5 and 6 were fortunate enough to go to the final 'Thanksgiving' service of our local Church. This was a very emotional service where we sang, reminisced and read out poetry about all the wonderful times our school and the Church have worked together. 

St Peter's Church - October 2022, by Miss Hulse

Date: 13th Oct 2022 @ 3:28pm

Year 5 and 6 had a heart-warming service at St Peter's Church, we remembered happy memories, shared poems and sang beautifully. 

Macmillan Coffee Morning 30th September, by Mr Wood

Date: 6th Oct 2022 @ 2:22pm

We had a fantastic time raising money for Macmillan - have a look at some of the photos below to see our families getting involved!

KS1 Sports Day, by Miss Kyte

Date: 27th Jun 2022 @ 3:03pm

Take a look at some of our photographs and videos from our fantastic KS1 Sports Day! 

EYFS and KS1 'Washing the Feet' Collective Worship Service, by Mrs Andrews

Date: 8th Apr 2022 @ 3:22pm

Today we learnt about Maundy Thursday and why Jesus washed the feet of his disciples.  Mr Whelan and Mr Wood washed 12 children’s feet to show us how we can show kindness to other people, just like Jesus did.

Stations of the Cross Service - April 2022, by Mrs Cavill

Date: 8th Apr 2022 @ 2:54pm

This morning Reverend Anne and Father Darren came to school to watch and take part in our Stations of the cross service. Children from each year group read a reading and a prayer for eac station. Reverend Anne and Father Darren lit a Paschal candle to remind us that Jesus was resurrected on Easter Sunday. He gave His life to save us all. We wish you all a Happy Easter.

World Book Day 2022, by Mr Wood

Date: 4th Mar 2022 @ 10:28am



We all had a great time on World Book Day! Please click below to see all our costumes, even the teachers dressed up!

5N discovering how forces work - March 2020, by Miss Nuttall

Date: 9th Mar 2020 @ 10:28pm

We have started our new topic in Science which is focusing on forces. On Friday, 5N went on to the playground and worked in groups to show different forces in action. 

Year 5's trip to Jodrell Bank - March 2020, by Miss Nuttall

Date: 9th Mar 2020 @ 4:30pm

Year 5 have had a fantastic time at Jodrell Bank today. In the first workshop, the children took part in a range of experiments including identifying rocks, measuring sunlight and gravity. In the second workshop, they were tasked with working in a team to create a structure which would keep an egg from breaking when dropped from a height. Three teams managed to keep their egg intact! Here are some pictures of our day.

World Book Day - March 2020, by Mr Wood

Date: 5th Mar 2020 @ 12:55pm

We all had a great time on World Book Day! Please click below to see all our costumes, even the teachers dressed up!


5N's workshop with 'Westend in Schools', by Miss Nuttall

Date: 3rd Mar 2020 @ 11:13am

Today, 5N took part in a workshop with 'Westend in Schools'. It was all about the book, Where the Wild things are. The children used dance to retell the story, and they showed great facial expressions throughout. 

5N acting out the story of Esther from the Bible - February 2020, by Miss Nuttall

Date: 21st Feb 2020 @ 1:23pm

5N have been learning all about Esther and her story from the Bible. We have written diary accounts, and retold the story. Our final task was to act out the story of Esther which we did in groups. 

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