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Imagine That! Science and Discovery Centre Trip, by Miss Milburn

Date: 20th Jun 2022 @ 9:12am

On Friday we got a on double decker bus and went to 'Imagine That' in Liverpool. We had an action packed day and had so much fun.

We made:

  • a fridge magnet
  • pretend snow
  • slime
  • a strawberry bath bomb


There was also a big role play area, this included a:

  • vet
  • pizza palour
  • fire station and engine
  • police station
  • salon
  • building yard
  • news centre
  • supermarket

We had a super day and all enjoyed ourselves.

Jubilee Celebrations in Reception, by Miss Milburn

Date: 8th Jun 2022 @ 8:48am

We had a fantastic week celebrating the Queen and her 70 years on the Throne.

We had horse riding, carage rides, transient art, perfume making as so much more!!

We ended the week by singing, having cake and celebrating as a whole school - we had great fun!

Mini-beast fun!, by Miss Milburn

Date: 24th May 2022 @ 12:26pm

This half term we have been learning all about growth and mini-beasts. We started the half term with a non-fiction book 'Things with Wings' to learn more about mini-beasts, we have also been sharing the stories 'Superworm' and 'Jack and the Beanstalk'.


During provision we have been super busy, a few of the activities we enjoyed were;

-using a simple map to find the mini-beasts and write down what the mini-beast was

-we planted carrots and cabbage, we know how to look after them and what they need to grow

-writing clues about a mini-beasts in the investigation tuff tray

-rock painting; creating a mini-beast using a rock from our outdoor area.

Our First Class Assembly, by Miss Milburn

Date: 24th May 2022 @ 12:21pm

We did our first class assembly on the 19th of May all about SPECIAL PLACES!

Our families were invited to watch us too!


We did a SUPER assembly!

EYFS and KS1 'Washing the Feet' Collective Worship Service, by Mrs Andrews

Date: 8th Apr 2022 @ 3:22pm

Today we learnt about Maundy Thursday and why Jesus washed the feet of his disciples.  Mr Whelan and Mr Wood washed 12 children’s feet to show us how we can show kindness to other people, just like Jesus did.

Stations of the Cross Service - April 2022, by Mrs Cavill

Date: 8th Apr 2022 @ 2:54pm

This morning Reverend Anne and Father Darren came to school to watch and take part in our Stations of the cross service. Children from each year group read a reading and a prayer for eac station. Reverend Anne and Father Darren lit a Paschal candle to remind us that Jesus was resurrected on Easter Sunday. He gave His life to save us all. We wish you all a Happy Easter.

Our trip to Smithills Farm, by Miss Milburn

Date: 9th Mar 2022 @ 3:38pm

Today we went on our first trip...we went to Smithills farm to support our learning all about farm animals!

We had a action packed day, this is what we did:

-Petting corner, we held and fed the baby animals in the farm

-Tractor ride, we visited the horse and donkey at the top of the hill and we fed them bread (we took a video)

-Milking palour, we watched the cows being milked and learnt all about the importance of caring for the cows, we also discussed the process of how the milk gets from the cows to our houses

-Feeding the adult animals, we fed the sheep and goats with food

-Riding the donkey, we all got a turn to ride the donkey

of course we had a little play at the park!


We had a fantastic day out!

World Book Day 2022, by Mr Wood

Date: 4th Mar 2022 @ 10:28am



We all had a great time on World Book Day! Please click below to see all our costumes, even the teachers dressed up!


Date: 3rd Mar 2022 @ 12:50pm

This year our story was 'Peace at Last' - we acted out the story in our SUPER costumes! 

'Owl Adventures' visited Reception!, by Miss Milburn

Date: 17th Dec 2021 @ 8:13am

In Literacy we have been learning all about Nocturnal animals. We first focussed on the 'Owl Babies' story - written by Martin Waddell. We then moved onto a non-fiction book 'Night Animals'.

The children have been learning new vocabulary throughout this cross curricular learning such as 'Nocturnal'. Chris from Owl Aventures was super impressed when the children were able to re-call some facts and information all about Owls.


We thoroughly enjoyed seeing the Owls and watching them fly around the hall!



Special Friends - September 2021, by Miss Hulse

Date: 21st Sep 2021 @ 8:00am

Year 6 had a fantastic time getting to know their special friend from reception. The Year 6 children will be spending time each week helping their special friend in the reception setting. They cannot wait! 

Reception's EARTH DAY Celebrations, by Miss Milburn

Date: 29th Apr 2021 @ 4:46pm

In Reception we created a Earth using our hand print, we then wrote what we could do to help our Earth. This linked very closely to our Geography focus last half term on Pollution in the sea (Under the Sea Topic). 

We also did some Transient Art in our Beautiful outdoor area - we created mini-beats, this is in line with our current topic of ‘Mini-beats’. We felt so lucky we could use natural objects that were found on our Earth!


Date: 22nd Apr 2021 @ 4:27pm

WOW what a busy week back!!

We have really enjoyed our outdoor learning and we have made the most of this lovely weather!

We have been mark making, completing outdoor Olympics, transient art, police role play, ice cream shop, maths games, water and sand play… the list goes on!!

Enjoy looking through our photos!


Date: 18th Mar 2021 @ 11:58am

Story: Barry the Fish with Fingers

Today we did some FANTASTIC letter writing to Barry.

Puffer wanted to say sorry to Barry because he was not kind, at St Peters we are KIND.



Reception's SUPER learning, by Miss Milburn

Date: 25th Feb 2021 @ 5:01pm

We have had another SUPER busy week.


Maths focus: Doubling - We had to make our own DOUBLING MACHINES, they were MAGIC!

Literacy focus: The Three Billy Goats Gruff - Creating and describing the Troll using ADJECTIVES!


Please look at our super work!!

Children's Mental Health Week, by Miss Milburn

Date: 3rd Feb 2021 @ 4:10pm

Please take a look at the document below to see what Reception did for Children's Mental Health Day.

Understanding the World: FLOAT OR SINK?, by Miss Milburn

Date: 28th Jan 2021 @ 11:17am

We conducted an experiment to learn about the concept of floating or sinking. 

Look at our fabulous work attached below!

Home Learning: The Reception Children made SHOPS!, by Miss Milburn

Date: 27th Jan 2021 @ 12:24pm

Our home learning has been going so well and we are incredibly proud of the children, we are also very grateful to the parents who have dedicated so much time into helping their children learn.

In Maths (Shape, Space and Measure) we have been learning all about MONEY!

Our home learning task was to create our own shops - we were AMAZED at the shops we recieved!

WOW - keep up the hard work!

Reception's Fantastic Home learning, by Miss Milburn

Date: 6th Jan 2021 @ 12:26pm

We are so impressed with the children in Reception, they have contributed some great work already! Well done Reception.


w/b. 11.01.21 - Story: The Gingerbread Man

We conducted an experiment during our LIVE lesson on Wednesday, we pu the Gingerbread Man in hot water and in cold water. We had to predict what we thought would happen and then write up our results after.

The children then went and conducted their own experiments in their houses - they used bread, biscuits, crackers and even chocolate!! 

Creative task: The children had to also create their own bridge for the Gingerbread Man to use, we thought this would stop him being eaten by the hungry Fox.

World Book Day - March 2020, by Mr Wood

Date: 5th Mar 2020 @ 12:55pm

We all had a great time on World Book Day! Please click below to see all our costumes, even the teachers dressed up!


Church - February 2020, by Miss Hulse

Date: 17th Feb 2020 @ 1:59pm

This morning, Year 6 led their 'Special Friends' in Reception to Church. The service was all about Lent and temptation, the children learnt about this though Bible readings and we discussed how we need to trust in God before getting tempted. 

Hallé Orchestra - January 2020, by Miss Hulse

Date: 21st Jan 2020 @ 5:31pm

The Hallé is an English symphony orchestra based in Manchester and we were lucky enough to have a fantastic visit from them.
We were able to enjoy the wonderful music they were playing and also join in by sinning, dancing and even some children playing the instruments - an experience the children won't forget! 

Making Gingerbread Men , by Miss Kelly

Date: 21st Jan 2020 @ 4:10pm

This half term we will be learning all about Traditional Tales, starting with The Gingerbread Man. This week we have been busy making our own gingerbread men, just like the litttle old lady in the story! We worked really hard to read the instructions, and also recognised numbers when looking at the amount of injredients needed. Thankfully our gingerbread men did not run away like he did in the story! They tasted delicious!

Pantomime - December 2019, by Miss Hulse

Date: 19th Dec 2019 @ 2:09pm

We all had a wonderful time watching the performance of Cinderella, especially joining in with all the songs!

Carol Concert - December 2019 , by Miss Hulse

Date: 17th Dec 2019 @ 4:50pm

We all had a really lovely morning at our carol concert, we lit our third Advent candle (joy) and enjoyed singing some lovely carols. As the children sung, children from Year 1 gathered on the stage to create the manger scene. 

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