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Be the Good Soil Mark 4:1-20

Our completed frog life cycle! Year 3

Lesson: Science

Class: Year 3H Year: 2021 - 2022

Last half term we began our frog life cycle with putting frogspawn in our pond and keeping some in our classroom to observe over the next few weeks. We noted lots of changes and watched as our frogspawn became tadpoles, then froglets with hind legs, fore legs and finally a distinguished head. Once we came back after the Easter holidays, we found the tails of our froglets had disappeared and our tiny little frogs were sat on the rocks out of the water breathing air! We then went to our pond, placing them gently back in their natural habitat. Hopefully we will get new frogspawn next Spring to fully complete our cycle. Take a look at our little frogs!

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