Year 4J 2021 - 2022

Mr Jolly

Spring 1

 Welcome back in 2022! We are looking forward to some exciting topics and learning g opportunities. The first term went by in a flash and this Spring term will go by very quickly too and hopefully by the end we will be back to some more familiar routines.

The first half of the term reverts back to Geography where Year 4 are studying ‘How does Water go round and round?’ which links back to the first Science unit of ‘States of Matter’. In Science, we have the first of three biology units: Animals including Humans. This is a very hands of topics where children study the human digestion system and human teeth and follows on from their work in Year 3 on human nutrition, skeleton system and muscle groups. In R.E., we will be exploring Jesus as the Son of God.

                               river.gifJesus walking on water.gifDigestion gif.gif

In English, we will be starting with instructions and explanations before moving onto stories that including mythical and legendary creatures.

                                                                              mermaid legend.gif

Multiplication and division will be a big focus for the start of this half term.  This knowledge helps us to work with other concepts later on with more ease due to the speed at which we can recall these facts. Later on this half term, we will begin to explore fractions.

Swimming continues right on through the Spring and Summer terms and looks to consolidate the progress made in the Autumn lesson. P.E. in school is continuing with Games and Gymnastics. Each class has individual times for P.E.

Thank you for your continued support.

Year 4 team!

Autumn 2

After a busy first half term, we are glad to be back and we are working harder than ever! What amazing children we have in Year 4 back to school, back to learning with commitment and enthusiasm. This half term we will be looking at the successes of the Ancient Egyptians in History. In science, we have the electrifying topic of Electricity. The children will be getting stuck into practical work, building their own circuits and lighting up mini-light bulbs, as well as understanding the importance of being safe and thinking about conserving resources.  


We are pleased to announce that this year, once again, we will be taking part in Rochdale’s Linking Network Programme. This usually involves visits with and to our linking school in Heywood. This year, we can return to meeting the children and staff in person at M6 Theatre, taking in a show together.

In English, we have been looking at some Japanese poems that involve lots of syllable counting! We will be moving onto a book about Tutankhamun and another one about a very clever black cat.

                                                      egyptian.gifVArjak paw.jpg

Place value will continue to be a big focus for the start of this half term.  This knowledge underpins everything else we learn about in maths. important! Further to this, we are starting to develop our skills in multiplication and look at challenging problems within all of our topics in maths. Later on this half term, we will explore the four operations in depth.

Swimming and Games will continue again, as will our Prayer unit in R.E., exploring the prayer habits in different religions. Jesus the Light of the World will follow this.

Thank you for your continued support.

Year 4 team!


Autumn 1

Hello to all children, parents and carers and welcome to Year 4! We are all refreshed and raring to start new year after the unfortunate but necessary elongated.  In class, we have already been hearing about the interesting things the children have been doing during the school holidays. We hope you all enjoyed the time with your children.

The Year 4 team from the last academic year remains the same this year: Mrs Cavill, Mr Jolly, Mrs Palmer, Miss Helm, and Miss Woods.

In English, work on fables has started; the children will be able to tell you some of the morals of these animal based tales. After this, we will move onto explanation texts linked to our Geography work and then instructions and explanations. In Maths, we will begin with work on place value before moving onto addition and subtraction later on in the half term. We will be trying to stretch and challenge the children, encouraging them to be able to explain HOW they have found an answer not just to write it

R.E. starts with the beginning of the big frieze, learning about the idea of creation and fall.


In Science, all the whole school are starting by studying their chemistry unit. Year 4’s is States of Matter where we will look at what the three states are and how they can change at different temperatures. The children will need to use some of the knowledge they gained during their materials work in KS1. To support and enhance the learning in this topic we have organised an exciting trip to the CATALYST museum in Widnes, where we will take part in TWO science workshops!

states of matter(1).gif

The first half of a full term begins with a geography unit. Year 4’s first topic is A Great American Road Trip, which begins with exploring the difference between a continent, country, state and city and what makes up North America and South America.


Also on the timetable is Music with Poetry (performance) and Environment (composition) topics; Computing – We are Software Developers; French - Playtime; and DT – Money Containers.

In P.E, swimming will take place on Mondays all year. The other P.E. slots are scheduled on a Tuesday and Thursday. Please ensure that you have your kit in on these days, although things can change so it would be beneficial if kits could be on your child’s peg all week.

swim.gifminion swim.jpg

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