Rec B 2017 - 2018

Miss Ball

A big welcome to families old and new to St Peter's after our Summer break. We know this going to be a fantastic year ahead, full of learning. We have already had a brilliant first week back in our beautiful new classroom.

We will begin this term by getting to know your little ones and your families through the topic 'All About Me'. We can’t wait to get to know your children and take their interests into their learning.

We want to really harness the partnerships between us as a school and you as parents to make sure that your children reach their potential. The biggest way you can support your child’s journey with us is to let us know what your child is getting up to at home - what learning is making you go WOW! Fill in the WOW cards and send them in to us so we can celebrate them in your child’s learning journey. The more we get the better picture we can build of your child!

In Literacy, we will begin by focussing on teaching a daily phonics lesson this will focus on a sound a day which the children to can apply to their early reading and early writing. Watch out for a Phonics Workshop (date TBC) in the Autumn Term to help you understand how to support your child at home.

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In unison with our Literacy lessons comes the ability to hold a pencil effectively. We will be doing daily Finger gym exercises to build up the muscles in our hands to support this. Have a look at Dough Disco for ideas at home!

Our Maths learning will focus heavily on early counting skills which will allow your child to be secure and confident counters. Play as many games as you an at home- I know we will be playing lots of Maths games and songs to help us learn. We can also spot Maths everywhere in our environment.

In R.E. this term’s focus is on Thankfulness. We will be exploring lots of learning around friendships and Harvest. We can’t wait for our first trip to church!

We hope to also learn very much and go with the children’s interests. Other things that might crop up in our learning include: Children In Need, Autumn and Diwali.

Our classroom provision areas will reflect the needs of the class once we have completed our Baseline assessments. One thing is for sure is that they will be filled with lots of fun and exciting learning opportunities.

P.E. will be on a Monday and a Friday, so please ensure your child has their kit in school at all times. Also, can we remind you that ALL belongings need your child's name in. This will help any lost items be returned to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your support,

Mrs Fletcher and Miss Ball.



Here are some little ideas how you can support your child's learning at home:

  • Reinforce the sounds covered each day in class.
  • Practise name writing. Please make sure your child uses lower case letters except for their initial letter.
  • Share reading books, discussing plots, characters, and their feelings, as well as simply decoding the text.
  • Draw your child’s attention to numbers in their environment e.g. telephones, door numbers, car number plates etc. Count things around the home. How many windows do we have etc?
  • Encourage your child to dress themselves for school and take their uniform off at the end of the day to promote independence.


Recommended websites: - Mr Thorne has a channel on youtube dedicated to the pronunciation of sounds, called Mr Thorne Does Phonics

Similarly, you can also find the Alphablocks channel on Youtube, which will further support your child's phonic and sound knowledge. - some free phonic based games more phonics games


Recommended APPs:

Justin's World - Lettersounds: a super resource for teaching letters and sounds including reading, writing and spelling.

Doodle Buddy: a paint app which helps develop hand-eye coordination.

Bee Bot: an app which helps improve directional language (forwards, backwards, left right etc.)


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